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The word rice may mean different things to different people. It means Rice with Fish Curry to a Bengali, to a South Indian it may mean Sambar-Chawal or for a Muslim, it is the aromatic Biryani. But come what may, it is cherished in different ways in different parts of the country and every preparation is unique and exquisite. This section contains recipes to various aromatic Indian rice preparations.

- Brinjal Rice
 - Carrot Rice
 - Coconut Rice
 - Curd Rice
 - Fried Rice
 - Garlic Rice
 - Hyderabadi Biryani
 - Instant Onion Rice
 - Jeera Pulao
 - Kashmiri Pulao
 - Kesar Pulao   
 - Lemon Rice
 - Methi Pulao
 - Mutton Biryani
 - Onion Rice
 - Palak Rice
 - Rice Khichdi
 - Sambhar Rice
 - Shrimp Biryani
 - Tamarind Rice
 - Tomato Rice
 - Vegetable Biryani