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Organic food is becoming more and more popular, as people look for ways to live a healthier, pesticide-free, environmentally friendly, and sustainable lifestyle.

When the organic food movement began, organic farms were relatively small operations, and their products were available mostly in local markets. Since the early 1990's, the interest in organic food has grown at a rate of 20% per year. Today, organic food is available in most markets and grocery stores, and makes up about 3% of food sales in the U.S.

What does "Organic" mean?

The production standards for organic certification for crops require that the farmers use no pesticides, artificial fertilizer, human or other waste, and that they are not processed using ionizing radiation or other additives. Animals grown for food must be reared without the routine use of growth hormone or antibiotics. Neither plants nor animals can be genetically modified.


Less Pesticide residue

Organic foods have much less pesticide residue than conventionally grown foods. This may be of greatest benefit to growing children, who are more sensitive to the potentially toxic effects of pesticides. Recent studies have shown clearly that people who switch to organic foods have much reduced levels of pesticides in their bodies.

Taste and nutritional value

Many people describe that organic produce tastes better, and it seems that better taste and greater freshness are major reasons why people choose organic. The published studies on this issue have been less conclisive. In a study in 2001 at Washington State University, reviewers found that organic apples were sweeter. However, in larger studies, researchers have found no consistent differences in taste or nutritional value of organic foods compared to non organic foods.

Here, we are launching our Organic Agri Products duly certified with:-

·          Indian Spice Board

·          EU – Ecocert India

·          NOP/NPOP – Ecocert India