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Developing markets for sorghum as livestock feed and ethanol feedstock is key to expanding demand, but there are other important potential areas as well.

In the livestock industry, the Sorghum Checkoff is developing educational materials and visiting dairies, cattle feedlots and other livestock operations, as well as feed manufacturers, to make them aware of the financial benefits of using sorghum.

In the ethanol industry, the Sorghum Checkoff marketing focuses on developing direct awareness of the benefits of using sorghum as a feedstock. Such benefits consist of using a crop that is more efficient to produce than others, including requiring less water and other inputs as well as the ability to be grown on marginal land.

In both livestock and ethanol, the Sorghum Checkoff  is addressing supply issues with key customers based on a geographical shortage of sorghum.

The Sorghum Checkoff  is supporting educational efforts focusing on food and industrial uses. Food uses include gluten-free products and food additives that include high-antioxidant specialty sorghums. On the industrial side, your checkoff dollars support research and education to make distillers dry grains (DDGs) more valuable by developing unique, renewable industrial products.