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Black mus­tard is probab­ly en­demic in the Sou­thern Medi­terra­nean region, but has been culti­vated since thou­sands of years; there­fore, nu­merous culti­vars are found.

Botanically different, though of equal use in the kitchen, are the Sarepta mustard or Roma­nian Brown Mustard (Br. juncea) from Eastern Europe and the Indian Brown Mustard (Br. integri­folia or Br. juncea, a fertile hybrid from Br. nigra and Br. campes­tris) from India and Central Asia. Of all three species, the latter is probably most commonly sold in the West.

 Although the pungency of black mustard is slightly stronger than that of brown mustard, black mustard is hardly planted in Europe anymore, and brown mustard is the dominating quality on the European market. The reason is that brown mustard, unlike black mustard, can be harvested by machines which make production much cheaper in countries where working force is expensive.