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Animal Feed

Nationally, as well as internationally, there is a wide supply of commercial ration formulation programmes for almost any animal species. Most often the programmes are able to suggest a useable feed ration in a very short time and without to demand very much from the user besides the selection of relevant feeds from a table. For application in practise many of these programmes are appropriate, because in that case the result is what counts whereas the principles and methods behind are of no interest. Therefore commercial programmes focus on the result.

In teaching at advanced level, however, the situation is exactly the opposite. In that case, the final result is less important since the ration is not actually fed to animals anyway. Instead the basic principles of feeding and the method of combining feeds into a ration are the central element. A programme to be used in teaching should therefore put focus on the problem to be solved instead of the solution to the problem. This observation was the original starting point of the construction of a specialized programme for educational purposes.