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Oil Seeds

Seeds are an incredibly important part of human life, without which we would simply not exist. Our food supply totally depends on seeds and seed stock, many other natural resources that we use as human beings, such as cotton, paper, timber, and edible oils, all begin their live as seeds. Seeds are part of the ever evolving constant of nature that is maintained by complex series of inter-relationships between her different component parts, of which seeds play a central role.
What are seeds?

Seeds are basically very small embryonic plants that are enclosed and sealed by a covering that is referred to as the seed coat. A typical seed includes three basic components, an embryo, a supply of nutrients from the embryo and the seed coat Seeds come in all sizes and shapes and need particular conditions for their development into plants, in terms of the size of seeds, they vary from the size of a pinhead to a coconut, plants can contain a few seeds or thousands of seeds.